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E-Extreme E-Bike "Trail Climber"

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The X-Treme Trail Maker electric bike is a new 2015 model and is a Lithium powered electric mountain bicycle finished in Aluminum or Black.  It has a 300 watt rear hub motor, a removable lightweight Lithium battery pack, 7 Speed Shimano gear system, ALL Aluminium frame & wheels, hydraulic shocks and off road tires.  This bike replaces the XB-300Li.

The LiPo4 lithium battery pack is lightweight, compact and mounts to the frame under the seat and is hardly noticeable.

Why BUY This Electric Bicycle:

  • Excellent Manufacturer's Warranty- 180 Days X-Treme Warranty on parts, 365 days Warranty on battery
  • Powerful 300 Watt Motor- enables you to ride along with little pedaling effort
  • Ride up to 20 miles and reach speeds up to 20 mph- on a single charge
  • Bicycle is super light- but can support a body weight of 350 lbs
  • No driver's license- and no registration with DMV required
  • Great for the environment- ride without guilt
  • Costs less than $1- to charge overnight